Jon Baker

Photographic artist, Jon Baker, has exhibited work with the Serpentine Gallery, Parasol Unit and Catlin Prize to name but a few. He is known for highly intricate and detailed artworks which explore ideas of human power, fallibility and culturally prescribed ideas of beauty. His photographs are made using a self-crafted camera that reproduces small objects at a large scale. Using this bespoke camera, which he refers to as a Macro Obscura, Jon is able to expose unique, analogue photographs at over two metres in length which produces a rarely experienced photographic quality that give his subjects a unique presence. 

Such subjects include plants, insects and sweets that he has modified in order to disrupt the objects’ cultural meanings. One example is that, Jon chews jellied sweets, leaving teeth marks and saliva on them. This, alongside their unnatural scale, changes the innocent and childlike qualities of them. The subjects are often displayed inside grid-like structures made from glass and plastic. These contain and divide the subject, bringing a sense of order and restraint to the organic objects, whilst melding hard and soft. Jon displays his artworks in surreal photographic installations creating an environment, that through scale and opposing visual ideas, make the audience confront their own physical mutability.

He aims for the recognisable to be made unexpected through his photographic techniques and installations. Jon believes that encountering small objects at a scale proportionate to the human body within his photographic installations, changes the viewer’s relationship to both the subjects and themselves. The result is that Jon’s artwork delivers known ideas of beauty, but monstrously altered; the familiar made uncanny. 


Whitebank Fine Art is pleased to exclusively present a ‘Study for Crab and Glass 2019’. A series of five unique, analogue C-type photographs made through a challenging and delicate Macro Obscura process. These studies accompany the 4ft mural sized Crab and Glass 2019, a unique multi-panel image which can be seen below.  


Study for Crab and Glass 2019

Signed, numbered series of 5 with certificates of authenticity. 

Unique Photographic C-type prints

£495 (Price for each photograph)

Available singularly 

Artworks can be purchased online through the shop from late-May 2019 or sooner by writing to us via our contact form 

Shipping Worldwide |Viewing Available in London and Various Other Locations Outside of the UK (enquire about this)

Study 1 (20 x 24 inches)

Jon-baker-Study for crab and glass 1of 5

Study 2 (20 x 24 inches)

Jon-baker-study for crab and glass 2of 5

Study 3 (20 x 24 inches)

jon-baker-Study for crab and glass 3 of

Study 4 (20 x 24 inches)

Jon-baker-Study for crab and glass 4of 5

Study 5 (20 x 24 inches)

jon-baker-Study for crab and glass 5of 5

Above, Crab and Glass | 2019 multi panel c-type negative | 60 x 48 in. 1524 x 1220 mm.